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Administrative & Assistant services

Does the idea of spending more time on important things appeal to you? Do you dislike working long hours trying to do everything yourself? Dread the thought of having to hire an expensive assistant who may not work as efficiently as you can?. Brandbay is a Canadian company with assistants located in India offering busy people and/or companies personal virtual assistants at an affordable rate. Having a personal assistant with Brandbay is a cost-effective dependable solution to delegate time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on what is important to you. All virtual assistants are located in India. Each assistant is a university graduate with excellent English communication skills.

Our expansive array of services include:

Data gathering & organizing

At Brandbay we gather and organize data on topics of your interest which will help you to have information arranged in a systematic way for reference.

We at Brandbay will offer you an extensive research and gather data and organize it in a systematic way and make it easy for you to have everything in order. So that you just need to check the final result of everything and avoid wastage of time on searching for all these things on your own and come to a conclusion.

You just need to take a look at the data we gathered and avoid wasting time in doing those tasks and use the time for a more important issue which needs your attention and cannot be dealt by some one else.

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Online research

You have an important meeting to attend next week and you have to know certain things on the topic you need to speak on and you have a lot of other work to do as well, then all you need to do is to hire an assistant from Brandbay to do the research for you.

Assistant from Brandbay will do the online research which is a time consuming job and complete the work you need.

while your assistant is doing the research for you and giving you all the information which is required on the topic and all you will have to do is go through the information and get ready with the speech without going through the pain of doing the research yourself and wasting time.

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Creating spreadsheets

We at Brandbay help you in creating spread sheets on various aspects

Various other things which will consume a lot of time and keep you from concentrating on other matters which will bring you money.

You can use your assistant to do this for you while you search for new prospects or develop new strategies to increase your market.

You do not have enough time to do that as you are very busy doing other important administrative tasks you can turn in the work to your assistant and have the work done while you are dealing with other business issues.

You just need to take a look at the data we gathered and avoid wasting time in doing those tasks and use the time for a more important issue which needs your attention and cannot be dealt by some one else.

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Developing prospect lists

Sometimes when you will want to sell a particular item in the market it might be difficult to find prospects.

For this you will have to do intensive research on the web to find such prospects and then find out their contact number or address because most of the time such information is not available easily and it takes a lot of time before you can get a number or a name or an address, and you have to do a variety of research (like searching in blogs or in social media networks or in the company websites etc) on which group of people would be potential prospects and how to reach them. This can be done by a virtual assistant while you can go ahead with more complicated matters.

You just need to take a look at the data we gathered and avoid wasting time in doing those tasks and use the time for a more important issue which needs your attention and cannot be dealt by some one else.

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Scheduling interv. & meetings

You are in need of a job and would like to know about places where there is an opening in your field and would like to attend an interview, all you have to do is give the task to your assistant and he/she will find out about openings in your filed of interest and contact them and arrange for an interview if they have an opening.

while you can concentrate on preparing for the interviews and forget worrying about finding places which have an opening.

Marketing an expensive product will sometimes need talking to the prospects directly and for this we need to schedule a meeting with them so that you can explain the beneficiaries on buying your product this can be done by your virtual assistant by finding prospects and scheduling interviews with them while you are busy meeting some other prospect.

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Records Maintenance

You need to maintain a record of how much you have been spending in a week or a month on your household expenses or on your job meetings and entertaining your prospects during meetings for which you will be paid by your company and you are too busy to do all this because you have more important work to do like attend meetings or take a little time for yourself and relax.

Brandbay do the record maintenance on your expenses, On how many more customers are left for the delivery of the order, Or how many sales have you been able to do in that particular month.Maintain a record of all the regular customers, how much you are spending on hospital or on pleasure trips etc.

all of which are petty tasks but will require a lot of time to be spent which you cannot afford due to your busy schedule or a desire to relax a little at the end of the day can be given to your virtual assistant and you can suit yourself as to how you will make use of the time you have just saved.

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Proof reading and editing documents for spelling & formatting

You have just finished writing an eBook or have been done with a PowerPoint presentation and now you will have to worry about editing the data for spelling or grammatical errors or for formatting.

There is no need for you to worry about this as we at Brandbay provide the service of Proof reading and editing documents for spelling & formatting.

All you have to do is hire a virtual assistant from Brandbay and they will do the rest and you can just sit back and relax or concentrate on your next venture.

All our virtual assistants are university graduates so there is no need to worry about the accuracy with which they will do the editing and formatting.

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Following up on appointments, errands and tasks

You have prescheduled appointments or interviews or meetings and you need to reconfirm if the dates or the program hasn't changed, or you need to follow up on whether the person you have entrusted tasks or errands are on schedule or is there any lag in the tasks due to certain reasons and all such other tasks.

Can be taken care of by yourvirtual assistant without you having to be involved in worrying about all this and can be stress free. All this comfort can be experienced at an affordable range.

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Any Other Task....

If you dont find what you want in our list of services dont think we dont provide that service. Because we deliver almost everything, you name it we make it happen.

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